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The Australian Easter Bunny.
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Give the green version

of the Easter Bunny

this Easter!

Easter Bilby bibs, t-shirts, tops, mugs, buttons, cards, sweatshirts, aprons, gift boxes, coasters, baby bodysuits, boxer shorts and so much more!
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Easter Bilby Cartoon Guilt Free Easter Gifts, Bilby! Easter Bilby, Happy Easter, Yellow Easter Bilby
Easter Bilby "Happy Easter" EASTER Bilby Easter Bilby Egg & Candy Box Easter Bilby Gifts & T-Shirts!
Black Footed Wallaby Australian Greater Bilby Cute Easter Bilby G'day Bilby

Why an Easter Bilby?
The Easter Bilby is the Australian version of the Easter Bunny.
Rabbits have already caused the extinction of the Lesser Bilby in Australia and there are now less than 1000 Greater Bilbies left in the wild.
Promoting The Easter Bilby helps spread awareness of their plight and will help save them. 

Easter Bilby Art

Cute and Rare Bilby

Please, forget the bunny this Easter and give an Easter Bilby gift or Easter Bilby card instead.  A great way to do something positive for an endangered species and to celebrate Easter without adding on those chocolate calories.
All of our Easter Bilby gifts are created using high resolution, far superior quality designs so you can order Easter gifts with confidence.

What is a Bilby?
ilbies are nocturnal animals native mainly to the Pilbara region of Western Australia.   The Bilby has a body up to 21 cm (9 in) long with a tail up to 29 cm (11 in) long. They eat insects and the roots of some plants. There are less than 1000 bilbies in the wild today. 

All around the world native wildlife are sufferingdueto a combination of habitat loss and competition from introduced species.  Much attention is given to larger endangered beasts, such as the Orang-utan and the Sumatran Tiger, and rightfully so, but often it is the littlest of animals that can vanish before we even get a chance to know them.  So forget the bunny, support the Bilby this Easter and help save the world's rare, little, furry creatures with us.

Cute and Endangered, Brothers and Sisters in Extinction!
USA : Amargosa Vole
So rare we had problems finding a picture of it, the Amargosa Vole is one furry chap that has been listed as endangered since 1980.
Asia: Philippine Tarsier
Tiny monkey-like animal that overcame being stuffed and sold to tourists only to have it's habitat cut down.
AUS : Ampurta
The ampurta is a mammal once found in SA, WA, NT and QLD but has only been seen in SA in recent years.  It's numbers are sadly unknown.
UK: Red Squirrel
An endangered little Scot known for his agility and long fluffy tail.  A popular sight up in the canopy of conifer tree forests.

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